Advisory and Consulting Services

To provide advisory and consulting services to clients in various domains, including but not limited to business strategy, finance, marketing, and human resources.

Business advisory and consulting services are professional services provided by Guruham to assist businesses in addressing various challenges, improving performance, and achieving their goals. These services are typically offered by consultants, advisory firms, or consulting companies with specialized knowledge and experience in specific industries or functional areas.

The primary objective of business advisory and consulting services is to provide strategic advice, practical solutions, and actionable recommendations to help businesses make informed decisions and navigate complex issues. Consultants work closely with their clients to understand their unique needs and challenges, and then offer expert guidance to improve efficiency, productivity, and overall performance.

Common areas where businesses seek advisory and consulting services include:


Site Identification, selection and Acquisition:

Evaluate each site identified on various factors like accessibility to the place, surrounding environment based on urbanisation of the location, future opportunity, risk associated with the land, prevailing rules on usage of land etc..


Product Mix

Based on the applicable laws and market viability advice the customers and the right product mix based on scientific market study


Due Diligence

Assist the customer in the process of Due Diligence including Finance, Legal and Secretarial.


Finance Management

Assist the customers in raising finance from Public Sector Bank, Financial Institution, HNI etc, To achieve this also support the customers in preparing Information Memorandum and assist the customers in discussion and negotiation with Public Sector Bank, Financial Institution, HNI etc,


Legal consultancy and documentation

Assist the customer in negotiating the documents with the lenders and coordinating with the External Legal counsel for title opinion and project approvals


Project Monitoring

Assist the customer in project monitoring with regard to estimates vs actuals with regard to cost, sales, and collection. Analyse the variance and provide solutions to avoid the same in future.


Sales and Marketing

Assist the customers in getting the APF for the project. To advise the customers with regard to mode of advertisement and positioning of the project. Monitoring the entire lifecycle of sales and marketing of the project. Monitoring the cash flow for the project by timely raising demand and follow up for collection.


Investment Banking

Assist the customers in right Debt Restructuring and Syndication based on the project viability followed by negotiation with the Financial institutions and completing with due diligence and documentation.


Strategy Consultation

Assist the customers in financial closure, CEO/CFO function, Dispute Resolution , opportunity assessment and Exit strategy.

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